Akins Mobile Health and Wellness is a family practice clinic located in Anchorage, Alaska. We realize that each individual has unique needs. With a focus on disease prevention, our provider uses a health coaching model that empowers the patient to achieve their health goals. We specialize in weight management through individualized health coaching, medication assisted weight loss, hormone and thyroid health. Our providers have many years of clinical experience with a variety of chronic conditions and stay updated with the latest treatments and clinical guidelines to help keep you disease free!

General Primary Care

Our provider sees patients of all ages in clinic for routine visits such as annual physicals, sick visits, medication managements and chronic disease management We also make housecalls!

Akins Mobile Health partners with you to care for your loved ones. Instead of dealing with a myriad of appointments and health systems to arrange care, you have a dedicated provider who fully understands all aspects of your loved one’s health.

We understand that preparing for, traveling to, and following up for even a simple check up can be a huge undertaking for our senior patients, so we bring care directly to them in familiar surroundings.

Appointments are pre-scheduled every 4-6 weeks to ensure our providers can closely monitor changes in well being and provide all the necessary resources to keep our patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Adult Family Home Partners

We serve adult family homes in the Anchorage region. We enable owners and operators to provide high-quality care to residents at no additional cost. This also supports caregivers and
staff in providing holistic care to residents.

Assisted living and memory care partners

We partner closely with nursing teams at Anchorage’s largest assisted living and memory care communities. With caregivers and staff, we work together to ensure patients receive comprehensive and well-coordinated care. An Akins Mobile Health provider can help minimize the disruption of traveling to clinics and hospitals for vulnerable patients and gives families peace of mind.