Our History

Akins Mobile Health and Wellness-a mobile medical service-was founded in 2019 by Aderonke Akindipe, a family nurse practitioner and wound care expert. In one of her early roles as long term care and Wound care NP, Aderonke took note of gaps in care among vulnerable patients that were discharged from transitional care facilities into their homes. She noticed high utilization of emergency care and the “revolving door” routine of patients with chronic diseases like congestive heart failure and chronic wounds.

Aderonke believed that lives could be positively transformed by serving vulnerable patients in their homes, assisted living, and residential care environments that were without on-site healthcare professionals. Aderonke formed Akins Mobile Health to serve vulnerable populations in adult family homes and assisted living communities.

Dr. Aderonke "Ade" Akindipe, DNP, MBA MSN, APRN, NP-C, WCC

Family Nurse Practitioner

My vision for Akins Mobile Health and Wellness is to equip my patients with the toolsthey need to accomplish their wellness goals. I see myself as your personal healthcoach and cheerleader.

Akins Mobile Health uses a one-on-one approach to provide individualized care. I valuethe time I spend with my patients because I want them to remain healthy for as long aspossible. Whether it is stabilizing a chronic disease, improving nutrition and fitness,mental health, or simply spending time talking to you about a major life change, I amhere as your coach and health care support.

I have a special interest in preventive health focusing on nutrition, fitness and weightmanagement. As someone who has struggled with weight gain, I understand first handthe challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while balancing different roles as a fulltime parent, spouse, and full time career. I also have interests and expertise in chronicdisease management such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular health.

My background as a nurse is in critical care and cardiac nursing. I worked many yearsin one of the nation’s top hospitals including Mount Sinai Hospital and ColumbiaPresbyterian hospital. I have worked in the home health and retail space as a nurse anda nurse practitioner. I earned my doctoral degree in nursing (DNP) and an MBA fromJohns Hopkins University and a Masters degree in Nursing from Maryville University.

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and two boys traveling orenjoying the great outdoors in Alaska. I also enjoy spending time in my kitchen tryingnew recipes or cooking up West African dishes with my family.

Diana Palma, RN

Care Coordinator

Diana “Dee” Palma is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines with over 12 years of experience specializing in psychiatry, community, and adult nursing. Her solid background in the field of healthcare, administrative works, and customer service are one of her greatest strengths. She spends a good amount of time getting to know her patients’ background and their needs in order to provide quality and expert care to all her patients. During her leisure time, she enjoys playing with her pets, watching movies, and singing in a music live stream.