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Why is home based primary care so important for some patients? Some patients have functional impairments that make it difficult to get to doctor’s offices or clinics. In some cases, going to the doctor’s office may not be the best thing for the patient’s health. For example, a patient with advanced dementia may get more confused and agitated when they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Another benefit of home based primary care is for patients with complex conditions who need frequent monitoring or quick follow-ups. sometimes these may not be easily accommodated by an office based provider. Patients at high risk may avoid complications from hospital care (e.g., certain infections, delirium) if hospitalizations can be prevented, averted, or shortened.

Other potential benefits of HBPC include:

  • better understanding of patients’ environments, needs, and constraints that can improve care and ultimately outcomes

  • decreased hospitalizations and urgent care use when acute incidents are prevented or addressed in the home

  • potential for prevention or slowing of functional and cognitive decline

  • better support for and reduced burden on family caregivers

  • increased satisfaction of patients and providers

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